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Arbor Hill

Arbor Hill Wine Jelly Minis (1.5 oz)

Arbor Hill Wine Jelly Minis (1.5 oz)

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Burgundy Wine Jelly

This tasty, burgundy-colored jelly is full of great Finger Lakes Burgundy Wine. Just add some of this Wine Jelly to your next pot of meatballs and taste the wonderful unique flavor.

Rose Wine Jelly

What a gourmet appetizer Rose’ Wine Jelly makes. Just warm 1/4 cup in the microwave and pour it over some Brie cheese, then top with walnut pieces.

Niagara Wine Jelly

This is one of the more popular table grapes known in the Finger Lakes Region. The Niagara wine jelly is light in color, but very robust in flavor. Smell and taste it you will think you're in the vineyard.

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