Collection: Vinifera New York Wine Club

Welcome to the Exclusive Finger Lakes Wine Club!

Embark on a unique wine journey with our Vinifera Wine Club, where exclusivity meets diversity. Our wine club is unlike any other, offering an extraordinary selection of wines, carefully curated from various prestigious wineries across the Finger Lakes region. We pride ourselves on having special access to exclusive wines, and we're excited to share these rare finds with our club members.

Tired of the same wines in every shipment from other clubs? Our promise is variety and quality. Each shipment brings a new array of exceptional wines, ensuring a fresh and exciting tasting experience every time. Our expert sommelier team meticulously vets each bottle, selecting only the finest, age-worthy, and limited release wines. These are the hidden gems of the Finger Lakes - wines that truly represent the best of what our region has to offer.

As a member, you'll enjoy:

  • Exclusive Selections: Access wines that are not available in regular stores or other clubs.
  • Curated Variety: Experience a diverse range of wines from different wineries in every shipment.
  • Sommelier Expertise: Trust in the choices made by our professional sommelier team.
  • Discover Limited Releases: Be among the few to taste limited edition wines, perfect for both drinking and collecting.

Join the Finger Lakes Wine Club today and dive into a world of unique, exceptional wines that will redefine your wine experience. Cheers to discovering the undiscovered! 🍷

Here's some additional incentive to join.  Get 50% off your first shipment? (shipping not included)

How It Works

Select your profile, including style and flavor profile. It easy.

Then, every quarter, you'll get an email with the selection.  You'll be charged for the wine club and the shipping.  

As for shipping, it's a flat rate pricing, so no surprises. 

Please note that the club option is fixed, so you can't change what's in the delivery. But you can skip a delivery if you'd like.  

Want to add bottles to your shipment? No problem.  And to make it even better, you'll get a 10% discount on each bottle and we will charge you the same shipping fee.

There are more perks, too.  Just check out the club offerings and see what's in store for you!